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Green Key
Aqua Hotel

Aqua Hotel practices an eco-efficient management seeking to minimize the environmental impacts that result from its activities and services. In this way it uses natural resources and energy in a rational way, reducing the effects of pollution to the environment as much as possible.

Since 2017, Aqua Hotel has been awarded with the International Environment Award “The Green Key”.
“The Green Key” is an international certification that recognizes and rewards hotels around the world for their good practices in the area of environmental and social sustainability. It is an initiative created by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which in Portugal is coordinated by the Association of the Blue Flag of Europe (ABAE).

Aqua Hotel is proud to be a “green” company that stands out for its development in environmental responsibility and that promotes an efficient management of natural resources, recycling of waste, use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and encourages customers looking for outdoor activities. THEREFORE, WE PROPOSE, AMONG OTHERS:

• Comply with the legal and environmental requirements applicable to our hotel unit
• Optimize resources, especially in the use of recycled/recyclable materials
• Apply the principles of waste management by giving them the appropriate final destination
• Promote the use of sustainable means of transport among customers and employees
• Continuously provide adequate information about Good Environmental Practices in order to raise awareness among employees and guests about environmental issues
• Develop the social aspect, participating in the community in solidarity campaigns and collaborating with non-profit associations
• Ensure the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System, according to the evolution of the benchmarks used